Alfarooj Alshami Restaurant

Alfarooj Alshami Restaurant

By redefining the celebrated Middle Eastern cuisine culture, Al Farooj Al Shami restaurant has made a profound distinction among the Arabic restaurants in the UAE. Located in Dubai, the restaurant provides both traditional and contemporary dishes to fulfill the tasty aspirations of everyone who is a fan of this rich culinary tradition.


Client: Al Farooj Al Shami
Industry: F&B/Hospitality
Location: Dubai

We Did

Brand Identity | Brand Strategy and Positioning | Menu & Collaterals | Film & photoshoot
Print | Outdoor & Digital Marketing | Signage System | Site Photography | Stationery Package

Cultural Inspiration

The rich cultural heritage of Damascus with its artistic and traditional elegance is the underlying theme of the whole brand execution. The awe-inspiring antiques, and unique architectural marvels and the nostalgia-inducing alleyways of this historic city celebrate a tradition that fascinated generations for centuries. We weaved the brand story and elements against this extraordinary and unrivaled cultural backdrop.


The logo is derived from an ancient monument in Damascus that still mesmerizes us with its artistic heights and elaborate architectural structure.


The Color Palette

With minimalist colors, we try to invoke the feeling of a bygone era which was, in every sense, ahead of its time. The red, white and grey scale palette seems to be the most accurate ones to provide glimpses of an enchanting culture.



As for the collateral, we’ve made sure to maintain a consistent theme and tone throughout the channels to get them in perfect harmony with the core brand characters.