Biosoil is a leading provider of organic potting soil in Turkey. By providing vermicompost, which is created using earthworms for organic gardening, they help to improve the quality of soil gardens in an environment-friendly way. With the purity and effectiveness of nature, Biosoil’s organic compost can improve the soil’s nutrient value much higher than any traditional garden compost. Thus, it helps to obtain better yields with a scientifically and meticulously produced nutrient-rich fertilizer.

Project Details

Logo Design

The logo we designed for Biosoil clearly depicts the sustainability and organic features of the product. The green color is used to represent environment-friendliness, and the brown inside the letter ‘B’ stands for soil. This logo is designed with an intention to appeals to anyone who is interested in organic gardening/farming.

Packaging Design

Biosoil’s packages are unique as it totally represents the quality of the material inside them. The design consists of an image of soil with some grass growing on it. The logo is labeled at the center of the package and on the bottom left showed the quantity of vermicompost in separate colors.

Website Design and Development

In the overall design and development of Biosoil website, we used many design elements that are inspired by the product itself. The usage of color and fonts are to illustrate the organic potential of vermicomposting for farming and gardening purposes.

Content Writing

The content we prepared for Biosoil clearly describe the manufacturing process of vermicomposting. It gives sufficient details to the customers about the nature of the product, and it's prepared to persuade them to buy from the best vermicomposting supplier in Turkey.