Catchy Restaurant

Catchy Restaurant

Catchy is an ideal spot for food enthusiasts in Sweden to experience an array of gourmet cuisines. Specialized in Arabic, International, and Swedish delicacies, it strives to achieve the originality and perfection you seek in your favorite dishes. We were briefed to develop a comprehensive brand identity to portray the distinctive traits of the restaurant in line with a well- laid-out strategy.


Client: Catchy Restaurant
Industry: F&B
Location: Sweden

We Did

Brand Identity | Brand Strategy and Positioning | Menu & Collaterals
Photoshoot | Print, Outdoor | Social Media Campaign | Packaging

The Logo Inspiration

Driven by the brand promise “Makes You Happy’, we created the logo using design elements to augment the concept of happiness triggered by gourmet cuisines. The stroke and swirls are indicative of the smile of satisfaction and splashes of ketchup or sauce respectively. And the circle was inspired by yummy burgers, a great selection of which is a key attraction of the delicacies offered by the brand.

The Logo Inspiration

The Color Palette

The color palette comprises only red and yellow. Red is chosen as it represents the fresh, raw ingredients as well as its capability to draw attention and get people to make quicker decisions. And yellow is our preferred choice to portray the spicy, aromatic and appetizing flavors of various dishes on offer.

Logo Sketch

Logo Design

Splashy & Juicy


Makes You Happy

The Patterns

The three patterns applied on red, white and yellow colors were created to depict different aspects of a fulfilling dining experience.


Roboto Slab: The primary typeface was selected due to its characteristics of representing a robust and sophisticated feel in all brand executions.

American Typewr: Chosen for its readability and appropriateness in conveying the brand message effectively, American Typewr is highly compatible with the primary typeface.

Mood Boards

The mood boards including images and sketches were developed for a creative premise on which the whole visualization strategies were fashioned.

Design Concept

Brand Applications

The newly developed visual identity was seamlessly applied to a myriad of marketing collaterals of the brand.

Photoshoot & Retouching

Menu Design