Kaaki w nos Restaurant

Kaaki w nos Restaurant

Ka’aki W Nos is a Lebanese street food restaurant in Al Ain, UAE. The great, ancient cuisine culture of Lebanon has inspired the concept and menu of the restaurant. And the gourmet dishes are prepared by an excellent combo of chefs who have proven their mettle in Lebanese cuisine. As Ka’aki (a kind of Lebanese bread) is the most popular item served here, the restaurant was aptly named after it.

Project Details

The branding project for Ka’aki W Nos involved the designing of their corporate logo, packaging, menu, and signboards. We also carried out many photoshoot sessions as part of the brand building process.

It is the first Arabic alphabet of 'Ka’aki' that got emphasized in the logo against the backdrop of a character, representing a piece of bread. All other designs—menu, packaging, signboards—were developed according to the principal theme and characteristics of the core corporate identity.
Another noteworthy feature of the project is the photo shooting of their unique range of food and beverage. The photos taken by our professional photography team helped in creating an authentic brand appearance in every design or artwork we created for them.

Marketing Collateral