MBR Skincare

MBR Skincare

MBR USA is an overseas division of MBR, the first German premium brand in skin and body care products.

Since 2000, MBR has been a pioneer of high-end dermaceutical products and is acknowledged globally for its intensive research-oriented products. After years of scientific researches, MBR developed a luxury medical skin care collection based on the best available and most precious ingredients. The company has also partnered with many prestigious international properties and is recognized in international magazines, such as Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, etc.

Project Details

For MBR USA, we did the whole e-commerce design and development, with an advanced inventory system interface design, as well as secure payment integration and delivery system.

The design and programming aspects of the website were implemented to generate an immersive user experience.

With advanced filtering options, the inventory interface of the site made the browsing procedure much easier and more convenient.


Marketing Collateral

We designed a variety of Posters, Brochure and Products Catalog for MBR USA in line with the core values and tonality of this premium brand in skincare products.

Product Photo Retouching

In a brand profile or product packaging, the quality of images is crucial. Showing any product line with poorly taken photos will totally ruin a brand’s reputation. That’s why retouching photos play a significant role in enhancing the clarity and beauty of a brand.

As for MBR, retouching the photos was even more important as it deals with body care products. The laws insist that customers should be able to read the minute details of these type of items. Our photo retouching project for MBR totally transformed the image clarity and attractiveness of their full range of skin and body care products.