Mr Sugarcane

Mr Sugarcane

Mr. Sugarcane was established in 2014 as a distinct refreshment brand that devotes itself to promote healthy living in the UAE. Its varieties of fresh, delicious sugar cane juice are currently available in 26 Carrefour hypermarkets all over the UAE. Our challenge was to develop a novel and innovative positioning strategy that help the brand to stand out and significantly enhance its equity.


Client: Mr.Sugarcane
Industry: F&B
Location: UAE

We Did

Branding | Visual Identity | Visualization
Digital | Outdoor and Print | Collaterals

Strategy: Healthy, Natural and Hygienic

The brand positioning based on projecting the natural, healthy and hygienic excellence of sugarcane. We took advantage of a comic, colorful and infographic style in the design and content to emphasize on the enjoyable, organic and environment-friendly attributes of the brand.

The Website

Adopting a creative design strategy that illustrates the brand in an exciting and refreshing light, the website provides a colorful visual experience. The informative and succinct content give ample proofs for why it should be a beverage choice for those who are passionate about 'going natural.'

Signage Execution

Basing on the core brand pillars, we developed signage that depicted the central theme of ‘pure, natural refreshment’ in a clear, creative and captivating manner.

Mall Kiosks

With the illustration of brand mascot and distinct packaging, the exhibition stand design revolved around the bubbly and exciting aspects of the brand, which was apt to draw a wider audience in any gathering.

Kiosks in Carrefour

We carried out the kiosk design, and printing works for Mr.Sugarcane in Carrefour Hypermarkets in the UAE. The design elements are derived from the brands' natural and hygienic traits along with a hilarious depiction of the mascot to attract more visitors in the hypermarket. The kiosk is composed of high-end acrylic and vinyl materials to ensure the sturdiness and durability of them in any circumstances.

Brand Application

All marketing collaterals—from posters to uniforms— keep up the unique voice, color and tone to communicate the brand story cohesively in multiple formats and channels.