Romanito is a growing packed beverage brand that provides, as its name suggests, natural and refreshing pomegranate juice. We took on the brand identity creation of Romanito with their briefing that insisted on projecting the natural and nutritious brand features of its product.


Client: Romanito
Industry: F&B
Location: UAE

We Did

Branding | Visual Identity | Outdoor and Print
Signage System | Collaterals

Strategy: Celebrating Natural Freshness

The brand visualization strategy was stimulated by the amazingly rich natural nourishment provided by pomegranate. All features, including, color, theme, brandmark, were developed to reiterate the freshness and organic traits of the brand in an appealing way.

The Logo Inspiration

The logo is created by using a stylish typeface in which the icon of a pomegranate was put in in the place of the first ‘o’ letter. The twin green leaves above the icon add a distinct natural touch to the white and pinkish color context.

Mall Kiosks

The kiosks created for Romanito underscored the natural elements, by incorporating the image of fruit, glasses of juice and falling leaves on a wooden backdrop.

Kiosks in Carrefour

We’ve designed and implemented the kiosks for Romanito in many leading hypermarket chains like Carrefour. They not only acted as a promising sales point but helped the brand gain outstanding visibility and momentum in a packed retail business segment.

Brand Applications

Brand applications consisted of attention-grabbing package designs, highlighting the core brand traits, and uniforms that align well with all design features along with a variety of appealing touchpoints.