Sophia Natural Mineral Water

Sophia Natural Mineral Water

Sophia Natural Mineral Water is a leading Turkish brand which is gaining momentum in the UAE market with its superior quality of natural water, sourced from the unspoiled springs of Turkey's grand Elmacik Mountain. Sophia approached us to carry out a 360-degree rebranding exercise from conceptualization to implementation.


Client: Sophia Natural Mineral Water
Industry: F&B
Location: Dubai

We Did

Brand Identity
Brand Strategy and Positioning
Menu & Collaterals


Print, Outdoor & Digital Campaign
Signage System

The Logo

To combine the key brand concepts of natural purity and optimum quality, we made the logo by creatively blending the images of a crown and mountain, since both resonate with the idea of enormity and untainted natural environment.

The Logo Inspiration

The Color Palette

We chose a simple yet appealing color palate comprising only burgundy and sky blue, which aptly portrayed the intrinsic characteristics of the brand vividly and gracefully.

The Logo Sketch

Logo Design



Stationary Designs

Label Designs

Mood Boards

We developed mood boards based on different aspects of nature to guide our visualization process. They are inspired by gorgeous and common natural phenomena, such as the brilliance of streams, the serenity of ripples, and the ethereal loveliness of greenery.


Brand Application

Every marketing collateral was judiciously developed to retain the consistency of the brand essence across all communication channels.

The Website

The website provides an intuitive design and a user-friendly interface in addition to interactive features. To reinforce the brand positioning, we leveraged the visuals of natural beauty and simple animations integrated exquisitely in a befitting layout.