Restaurant Menu Design

Attracting Foodies with Engaging Restaurant Menu Design

Restaurant menu design is the most decisive element for any food-related business to generate orders and draw new customers. If executed artistically, a restaurant's menu itself turns out to be like a delicious dish—Its ingredients are gorgeous images and information of food varieties with awesome design and layout. Developing a professional restaurant menu designs demands a high level of creativity as they can be the critical factor for your entire restaurant or catering business. It is only valid if you haven’t decided to copy another company’s menu designs for your restaurant. A menu is something much more than a list of dishes that you provide, but rather one of the most significant marketing tool for your business. Usually, owners of restaurants just follow some boring templates in the market for their menu designs, and it’s a major reason that their business can’t grow beyond a certain point. We want you not to get tangled in the same mundane ways. Many new trends have cropped up in professional restaurant menu designs; it has become a major aspect of a company’s core branding strategy. You can find restaurant menus, displaying their distinction in innovative ways. They will show their products, emphasizing on their specialty while strictly adhering to their brand in color, text, layout, etc. Don’t you want that uniqueness? We can help you achieve that feat, just as we’ve done it for many restaurants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah in the UAE.

Restaurant Menu Design: Focusing on Instant Customer Gratification and Conversion

Restaurant menu design should be developed in such a way as to create a great impression on your target customers and make them curious and engrossed to the delicious cuisines you provide. On average, mostly customers review menus 3-5minutes, and some people just scan it and order. Hence, you have to get them hooked within a short time-frame. We consider a lot of things before designing any restaurant's menu, such as: What is the restaurant like? Where is it located? What is its target audience? What sort of food is it offering (any particular dish)? And much more. Our team, which mainly focus on the Emirates of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah in the UAE, can develop exquisite designs for your restaurant menu that will make your customers’ mouth watery, and help you establish a long-lasting relationship with them. From our experience, we’d like to share with you some factors that matter most in restaurant menu design, and here they are:

Be Resolute on the Originality of Your Restaurant Menu Design

When you go through the menus of restaurants, you can find that almost all of them follow similar patterns in design and layout. Sometimes, they even copy exactly from the well-designed ones. You wouldn’t do this If you were to know how authenticity in your menu design means to your whole business. It might cost a lot more than copying an existing menu, but keep in mind that by having an original design and images, you’re creating one of the most viewed branding materials.

Never Compromise on the Following Aspects in a Restaurant Menu Design

Most restaurant owners are willing to pay anything to make their restaurant classy and elegant, but they are content with poorly developed menus. The images they use could be blurry, or the fonts unintelligible and so on. If you are creating a restaurant menu design by yourself or an agency, try to be determined to implement these aspects:

  1. Design that reflects your brand image
  2. Use the images of your own cuisines
  3. Opt for a lucid and easily readable font
  4. Be consistent with the colors; minimalist colors are better than flashy ones
  5. Give prominence to your most important cuisines
  6. Ensure the quality of paper and printing

For many restaurants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah in the UAE, we’ve executed excellent restaurant menu designs. And we would be happy to build an innovative menu for you, focusing on the core values and distinctive characteristics of your brand as well.

Provide Details of Your Cuisines in Restaurant Menu Design

You need to consider all the essential details of the dishes in your restaurant menu design. It’s obvious that you can’t enlist every ingredient or preparation details, but at any cost never omit the particulars such as:

  • Cost of the dishes
  • Special ingredients
  • Healthy benefits
  • Special meal packages, etc.

Include as much Information as Possible in Restaurant Menu Design

Thinking out of the box definitely yields better results in menu designs. Imaginative ideas have a significant role in the designing process, but if you don’t try to include enough content, it would be let your customers down. So, give more information within the constraints of the design. Quite often you don’t have to explain a lot, instead focus on placing outstanding images of your signature dishes. And rather than providing the recipe details, describe the health benefits one can get by having this particular food. Outlining a little bit of tradition of the food items you provide also attract your customers.



Use Simple Content in Restaurant Menu Design

People don’t want to read about the poetic language you use. As a marketing as well as branding material, a menu should speak about the dishes it offers. Have a look at some of the top restaurant’s menu; you can find examples that break this basic rule of thumb. They are filled with high-sounding words to show their cuisines unique, but in fact, it will have an adverse effect. Nobody is interested to read complex language while they are about to have something. Be clear and straight to the point. And creativity just for the heck of it will be totally ignored by people.

Care for these Factors while Placing Content in Restaurant Menu Design

  • Give the exact name of the cuisines
  • Write in plain language
  • Be consistent in price details (i.e., currency symbols, punctuation, etc.)
  • Try to give apt description for the images
  • Be accurate in the descriptions of ingredients or recipes

Format and Size of a Restaurant Menu Design

As mentioned above, no one spends a lot of time to study a restaurant menu. Quite often, an attention-grabbing image would be enough to prompt a customer to order. Hence, while designing a restaurant menu, pay attention to the format so that it will be in a straightforward and readable format. Be consistent in the positioning of images as well as the layout. Otherwise, it will irritate your customers. The size of the menu is also relevant. Limit the number of pages by sticking only with the most selling cuisines you provide. It might be true that your restaurant can prepare a host of other cuisines as well, but showing them in your menu is a bad idea, so focus on your specialties and illustrate them as appealingly as possible. In the UAE, restaurant and catering business has a prominent status in its economy. But many of them produce menus that never considers a customer’s intellect. Those menus’ size and format could be attractive or even creative, but it won’t attract customers. If you are looking for an attention-grabbing and result-driven restaurant menu design in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, Effective EMEA can help you in this regard.

Updating Restaurant Menu Designs

At least once in a year, you need to update your restaurant menu because no matter how beautifully you designed, it is eventually going to bore customers. Moreover, you will have to update the items in your menu as more cuisine get added to your offerings. Even if you redesign your menu, make sure that you stick with the brand characteristics. Or else, the menu might look like an entirely different thing with no connection with the brand equity you ‘ve developed over the time. Looking for the best restaurant menu design service in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah in the UAE, choose us. Our experience in graphic designing and photography will create mind-blowing designs for your menu.

Importance of Proof Reading in Restaurant Menu Design

If you spend some time to read through a restaurant menu, you’ll have many cringeworthy moments by stumbling upon the typos in the content. Many agencies never take the pains to correct the spelling or improve the readability of the menu. They just treat them as a piece of art where the text doesn’t have much relevance. If you have such a menu and people happen to come across any of this embarrassing error, no doubt it will affect your reputation. You have a grand restaurant and facilities and exceptionally tasty dishes, but give some bad vibes to your customers with your menu is easily avoidable. At Effective EMEA, content is as important as design. If you want to have a restaurant menu design with error-free content in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah in the UAE, contact us now.